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Fly from the award winning Karkloof Safari Spa, and have a tour of the valley of a 1000 hills and Durban. Fly along the golden mile beaches. Explore Umhlanga and the City of Durban.

This helicopter tour departing Karkloof exploring the Durban along the valley fo a 1000 hills, Fly to Durban and see the Golden Mile from above, the Durban harbour, Moses Mabidha Stadium, Umhlanga and explore the rest of Durban City. This tour really Show Cases why Durban is such a popular destination.🚁🇿🇦️

ROUTE: Karkloof Safari Spa - Durban - Karkloof Safari Spa
FLIGHT TIME: 1:30 Flight

PASSENGERS: 2 - 6 (helicopters used R44, R66, B407)

ACTIVITIES: Depart King Shaka Airport to Karkloof Safari Spa
PRICE: From R13700

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