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The award winning 5 star Karkloof Safari Spa is on top of the list for exclusivity. Peacefully Nestled in the Karkloof Valley in the Natal Midlands. It is truly a hidden paradise. Go and explore the Drakensbberg form Karkloof and fly to Cathedral peak. with a picnic on the Little Berg.

Fly to the Drakensberg from the Award winning Karkloof Safari Spa. Here you can see the Natal Midlands at its best. Experience the majestic Drakensberg from above with breathtaking views. This is truly a place to escape, rejuvenate and indulge and a helicopter make travel to the Berg that much more exclusive. 🚁🇿🇦️

ROUTE: Karkloof Safari Spa - Cathedral Peak - Karkloof Safari Spa
FLIGHT TIME: 2:00 there and back, 2 Hours in the Drakensberg

PASSENGERS: 2 - 6 (helicopters used R44, R66, B407)

ACTIVITIES: Depart from the award winning Karkloof Safari Spa to explore the majestic Drakensberg. Fly along the Natal Midlands and get a different perspective form the air. Champagne Picnic on the Little Berg, and land back at Cathedral peak hotel for lunch.
PRICE: From R16950

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